Catholics Wait for New Rules

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As the Catholic church waits to hear if the Vatican approves of their stricter policy on clergy sex abuse, Catholics held a conference Saturday in Rockford. The conference gave men guidance when considering significant issues in life. Those who attended hope that the church begins to practice some of their own advice.

Many who attended the conference showed up to renew their commitment to faith and family. But they also said that they hope the Vatican makes the church follow some of their own rules so that the scandals that plagued the church this summer never happens again.

A few hundred men attended the Walk the Talk Catholic Conference at the Metro Center Saturday afternoon. They said they wanted to use this program to help them reexamine their priorities and reenergize their lives.

But one concern some of the men had was the churches failure to live up to the beliefs they expect others to. They say that needs to be reestablished for the church to regain its credibility.