Open Responses at Caledonia Board Meeting Get Testy

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In an open session that lasted more than an hour, Caledonia residents focused their attention less on former treasurer Debra Schroeder, and more on their desire to bring former village president Susan Siek back into office.

The former village president was one of 30 people that came out to listen or voice concerns. Former village treasurer Debra Schroeder was charged in December with 38 counts of felony theft and 38 counts of criminal misconduct.

Village president Susan Siek resigned shortly after the charges became public. Tuesday night, many in the audience said their community didn't have enough say in the village president's fate. Others argued that despite Schroeder and Siek living together, there was no conflict of interest.

Board leaders responded that Siek as president was in charge of trustees and monitoring the financial committee, and thus should be held accountable. However, Siek says she was forced out of office, and regrets the move.

"I would never do anything to hurt this village, and if I thought that my being village president would hurt the village, I would not be village president, and I guess they had me convinced of that briefly and that's why I resigned," Siek said.

Caledonia board members declined comment based on the meeting still in session. Former Caledonia village treasurer Debra Schroeder's has her first court arraignment on January 25.

Meanwhile, elections for village president will be held on April 5. Susan Siek says she'll run. President pro temp Bill Rogers currently holds the position.