Rockford Road Impovements

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On a night like Tuesday night, better visibility and snow removal may be the only improvements we would like to see on our roads, but when everything clears some other repairs may surface. Now, the city's direction of travel is in our hands.

The Rockford City Council approved a $158 million Capital Improvement Program, or CIP, for the next five years. CIP improves streets and water systems and also funds economic development projects. Out of that large amount of money $8.7 is subject to our approval.

On April 5 we will see a street referendum on our ballot. That is to help fund reconstruction of Harrison Avenue from Mulford to Ohio Parkway. That money will also convert Wyman and Main Streets in downtown Rockford to two-way traffic. Those are just some of the projects that top the list. There are about 13 other projects funded by the street referendum.

This may be familiar since we had to vote on the street referendum in 2004. The Capital Improvement Plan was approved by 57 percent.