Cashless Society

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"Whenever I need to we use the credit card."

Bob Lichthardt's pockets don't jingle anymore. He now uses plastic on almost every purchase he makes.

"Convenience, everybody takes it you don't have to carry cash with it and rewards points is a big thing," he says.

The Federal Reserve reports 46-percent of Americans use a credit card, but that hasn't slowed production of dollars and cents. The U.S Treasury prints off 750-million dollars every day, with 95-percent of that replacing warn out bills. Since credit cards acquire debt, the safer form of plastic is debit. But we need to be careful there as well.

"I would caution them not to use when possible their personal ID number or pin number cause that would expose the card to fraudulent activity guarding that as a precaution," says Pat Peterson, Senior Vice President of the Alpine Bank retail division.

Pat Schubert buys her groceries with debit, but also pays her bills online.

"You could check your bank account almost every day. You can keep track of exactly what's happening in your account. That makes it very convenience also," she says.

12-percent of Alpine Bank customers use online bill pay. And reps say they'll soon launch promotions to attract even more.

If you don't have the best credit, most places still take cash. But if you plan on getting an IPhone this Christmas, you're going to need a credit card. Because Apple is tracking purchases since they only allow two IPhones per customer.

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