Epperson Talks on Union Protest

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This conflict is far from over if you ask the police union where things stand right now. But if you ask Chief Epperson, he feels there's headway to report. The union recently packed a Rockford City Council meeting, demanding Epperson's resignation. The chief isn't going anywhere. And he says there's been quote "huge movement" on issues like discpline cases in the department. He also says the two sides have reached some consensus on contractual issues. As far as officer safety on the streets, another big concern from the union, Epperson says the department has already made efforts to improve that situation. "We've made many, many changes. In some of our focus meetings, there was a concern there was not enough tasers. We bought additional tasers for the officers. We're just as concerned about officer safety as they are," the chief said. Epperson also mentioned a 25 percent budget increase in training police officers and new electronic cameras for officers at the front desk who were concerned about security there. We checked in with the head of the Rockford Police union. Aurelio Delarosa doesn't believe all the progress mentioned by Epperson. And says the union's position on his resignation hasn't changed.