Federal Funding for IL Police Departments

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Keeping our communities safe in the 21st century can be a difficult task. Our world is changing, and as a result law enforcement tools are evolving as well.

Cong. Don Manzullo is working to make sure that our local police agencies won't fall behind in the technology race because of local budgetary constraints.

"Here we are we have chronic unemployment. Here's an opportunity to get a hold of some money to be used for communications, technologies, laptops, things they need to be more effective," says Cong. Don Manzullo.

Manzullo secured nearly $600,000 for 19 local agencies. This money will help officers keep pace with necessary crime fighting equipment needs.

"It's probably three times the equipment budget I get each year. It's invaluable to be able to replace some of those units that aren't working," says Byron Police Chief Todd Murray.

Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Meyers says the $100,000 grant awarded to his department will be used to buy equipment that will help in hostage situations like the one that occurred over the weekend.

"Time and communication are beneficial, these come first. Force and moving in is a last resort. That's when the threat to the suspect and officers is greatest, so we like to resolve it at the communication level if possible, and there's a lot of equipment that will help us do that," says Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Meyers.

Another piece of equipment that several agencies will be investing in is a pupillometer, a device that allows officers to detect drug or alcohol abuse in a subject, and the product is manufactured right here in Rockford.