Roscoe Police Chief Exonerated

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After an intense three-week investigation the village of Roscoe has found that Chief Anthony Piccirilli is not guilty of charges brought against him.

Piccirilli has been on administrative leave over the past three weeks while the village board inquired into allegations against him The village of roscoe held a special meeting Wednesday night to go over evidence and allegations brought against Piccirilli, after 30 minutes in a closed-door executive session; Chief Piccirilli was exonerated of all charges against him.

Chief Piccirilli says that he is obviously thrilled that these allegations have been dismissed against him. Even though he wouldn't say or go into what they are he says that he just has to move on and not hold any grudges.

"Unfortunately, this comes with the job, " Chief Piccirilli said. "We have to turn the page and start a new chapter and just go back to work."

Now Chief Piccirilli is expected to be back at work tomorrow where he says he is eager to continue the 29 years of service he has given as a police officer. He says he just hopes this time he can work with lawyers prosecuting criminals instead of using them to defend himself.