Teacher Sex Scandal

Three Chicago teens claim a public school teacher paid them thousands of dollars for sex.

Senorita Walker was arrested this week on charges of criminal sexual abuse. Walker is a 33-year-old mother of a five-year-old son. She's accused of paying three teenage boys a total of $5,000 for sex. Prosecutors say she gave a written statement implicating herself in the crime. The students reported her after Walker told them she had a new boyfriend and wanted to move on with her life.

The rumors had been circulating around Corliss High School for days. It wasn't until principal Anthony Spivey heard it firsthand did he believe that three of his male students were having sex for money with the 33-year-old Chicago public school teacher.

Police say the special education teacher began having sex with her three victims at the beginning of the summer. She approached one of the kids on a South Side basketball court. They say she picked up the victim and another victim, drove them back to her home, where she did perform sexual acts on these two boys.

On other occasions, a third victim became involved. Prosecutors say Walker allegedly supplied marijuana and alcohol and paid the kids for the services.

Walker currently teaches at Robeson High School. She met one of her victims while they both were at Kohn Elementary. The allegations against Walker come as a surprise to Kohn's principal, who always thought Walker was a good teacher.

Senorita Walker has been suspended with pay. She began working for Chicago Public Schools in 1995.

If Walker is convicted on all three counts of criminal sexual abuse, she faces three to seven years in prison. She is being held on a $300,000 bond.