Rockford Manufacturer Turning 100 Years Old

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Products we buy every day from Altoids mints to Johnson and Johnson band aids come in unique tin boxes. Those boxes are sealed right here in our backyard at J.L. Clark. Now, the company is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

J.L. Clark opened in 1904 packaging paint cans and dust pans. A century later the company is still going strong, employing 310 workers in Rockford.

In the last 10 years the company invested $10 million to improve technology. Now, in just minutes, a giant slab of tin foil is transformed into the seals for bubble gum and other products.

Longtime workers say despite changes, jobs and morale have stayed strong across the decades at J.L. Clark.

"Not a lot of cutbacks or layoffs. Not often can you say that, so it's a good future and it helped me raise my kids," Debbie Johnson said.

Aside from its main headquarters here in Rockford, J.L. Clark also has offices in California and Pennsylvania.