A Great Time to Be in the Snow Business

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Now that the last flakes have fallen we will actually be able to notice the massive cleanup efforts that have been underway. On this Thursday, it’s a day to clear roads and sidewalks and uncover buried cars.

Those in the snow business are sitting pretty. Over the past few days they have had to work hard to keep up with the demand, but the white stuff means many are seeing a little extra green, which is a great start to their 2005 financial books.

When the snow blowers stop, business at Nicholson's Lawn and Garden store picks up.

Al Chernick says, "A snow storm is excellent for our business in terms of snow removal otherwise winter is slow. If this would have come in February or March people would have just waited for the snow to melt."

As the snow piled up, so did the number of repairs. Right now Nicholson's has over 25 snow blowers in waiting and probably won't be ready to run anytime soon.

Al tells 23 News, "Last week it would have only taken one to two days, but since the snow started to fall that time increased and now it will take over a week for any repairs.”

It's been a busy couple of days at the West State Farm and Fleet. One of the hot commodities: bags of salt. On Thursday there is only pile left in a display that used to stretch to the front of the store. Before the snow the rack of shovels was filled. Now, three days later, it's slim pickings.

Brad Buchman, who is the assistant manager at Farm and Fleet, says, "We had a good stock of everything and it sold through fast."

But no complaints about items that are flying off the shelves as this snow storm comes on the heels of before and after Christmas sales.

Brad says, “It's going to be a good first quarter."

Now that we've made it through this first major snowfall here are a few tips for the next time around. Make sure those snow blowers have the right consistency of oil and gas and be sure to check your belts.

If you are looking to re-stock the supplies you used this time around, most stores say they have trucks coming with salt, sand, and shovels in the next few days.