Jail Referendum

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Winnebago County Sheriff Dick Meyers and state's attorney Paul Logli fielded questions from river district citizens about the new jail referendum.

Plans for the actual building that would house the new jail were discussed. A portion of Elm Street would have to be closed to accommodate the proposed facility and some residents are concerned about how that would affect traffic flow around the Metro Centre.

Meyers and Logli have been traveling around the county trying to raise support for the proposal, which includes a new 1,200-bed jail, more funding for assistant state's attorney and defense lawyers, and a better rehabilitation program. Logli says he thinks their campaigning is paying off.

The referendum is up for a vote on Nov. 5. If passed it would raise the county's sales tax by one percent. The sales tax would not include food you buy at grocery stores, medication, or the purchase of a new car.