Feline Medicine

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Wednesday, more than 100 veterinarians from around the Midwest gathered at the Tabala Temple to learn about new discoveries in feline medicine and how to keep cats "purr-fect" in their owners’ eyes.

"They're lazy, they're playful, they're just always there for you," says cat owner, Marshell Mensing.

Mensing is just one of 73 million cat owners in the United States, and cats have now outnumbered dogs as the number one pet choice among Americans.

"Our population is more active, people travel more, people are on the go, cats are easier to take care of. They can be left at home alone for several days with adequate food and water," says president of the Greater Rockford Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Chris Lendman.

Vets were attending an annual seminar sponsored by the Greater Rockford Veterinary Medical Association. World renowned speaker Dr. Alice Wolf was discussing feline medicine and some of the new discoveries that have been made for treating infectious diseases. One of the new advancements presented Wednesday focuses on diabetes in cats.

"Just recently new insulins have become available and studies indicate they work well in cats and there have been tremendous advances in what we feed diabetic cats," says Lendman.

Dr. Lendmen says with cats now outnumbering dogs as companion animals in the U.S., demands for advances in feline medicine is growing rapidly.

"In the past, our knowledge of cats has lagged behind dogs, but in the last few years there's been tremendous advances in knowledge of cat diseases," says Lendman.

And it's the new achievements in feline medicine that give cat owners like Marshall Mensing the reassurance that vets are working to make sure that her cat will live nine healthy lives.