Winnebago County State's Attorney's Race

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Candidate Chuck Prorok is going after current State's Attorney Phil Nicolosi for not ending ties with his old law firm that's currently involved in county business. Prorok is calling this a conflict of interest that Nicolosi must resolve. But Nicolosi says there's no conflict at all. Prorok alleges that Nicolosi's old law firm continues to work on county land use and zoning projects while helping his campaign. And Prorok feels that creates conflict and an appearence of impropriety on Nicolosi's part. Nicolosi wonders why Prorok didn't bring this up earlier when he took office. And he alleges that Prorok is guilty of the same accusations in his work history. "Mrs. Prorok's law firm has represented Winnebago County in legal matters for several years while her husband was sitting on the county board giving the same legal advise that he claims I now have a conflict with," Nicolosi said. "I had no interest in determining who was going to be hired by the county, which law firm they were going to hire and I was not the person who ran the State's Attorney's Office, somebody else did," Prorok said. Nicolosi says he doens't plan to dwell on this accusation as the campaign moves forward. Prorok says neglecting that ends up hurting the people of Winnebago County. Nicolosi did say there are often conflicts of interest when private attorneys enter the legal public arena. But again, he doens't feel one even exists in the latest situation.