Teacher Allegedly Tapes Student's Mouth

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A Rockford mother calls D.C.F.S. into Ellis Arts Academy after she says a teacher put tape over her child's mouth.
Martavis Dorrough, a fourth-grader at Ellis, says last Wednesday another student used the f-word at school then threatened to beat Martavis up if he didn't claim to be the one who said the bad word. That's when Martavis says a teacher who overheard the swear word stepped in.
"The teacher came over and taped my mouth and then she walked me down the hallway and took the tape off my mouth and told me what did I say and I told her what the little boy said," says Martavis Dorrough.
Martavis' mother Angelia Smith adds, "Now my child is being looked at maybe Martavis the child that curses, you know or Martavis the child that had tape on his mouth and then you're going to humiliate him and take him in front of other people and let them see him with the tape on his mouth. I'm very upset about it."
Smith is considering suing the teacher. Ellis' principal declined to comment because the district is now handling the case. Superintendent Linda Hernandez says the incident is under investigation.

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