Stateline Family Helps Out One Family on Christmas Eve

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In just minutes, a quick spreading fire cost the Naber family just about everything.

"We've been there over eight years, and we've been working every year to make it a better place for the kids and it's all gone in just an instant," Charles Naber said.

With their beloved home boarded up, the Naber's home for the holiday is a hotel room in the Clock Tower Resort. There is no place to hang the stockings, no spot to gather around the Christmas tree.

"We just get down and depressed and it’s just overwhelming especially because it’s not the same without having your house," Maria Naber said.

But in wake of the fire, something special happened. Word of the the Naber family's situation spread throughout the area. The response snowballed. Churches donated gifts, restaurants provided gift certificates, anonymous neighbors saving the Naber family.

While the family says they are taking the fire's aftermath day by day, they admit the hundreds that came forward not only saved their family, they saved Christmas.