New Tax Rule for Charitable Car Donations

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Every time he opens up a car hood Joe Vettore is on a mission to repair engines and repair lives.

In 17 months, Vettore's Heartland Cars received hundreds of donated vehicles and parts.

Starting in January, donors to the charity will get three times less of a tax deduction. The write-off will now be based not on a car's market value, but its lesser sale price at a car auction.

"I know other organizations that use this as a revenue stream, but for us the benefit is to provide reliable transportation to single mothers or families in need," Doug Thiesen said.

New government rules aside, the Heartland Cars volunteers remain passionate about their cause, one wrench, one car, one family at a time.

"The guys on the team have told me stories about handing the keys to a single mom and the tears and the emotion. It's an amazing thing to be a part of," Thiesen said.

Charity volunteers expect to see wheels and support continue to roll in, even with the new tax rules.

If you are interested in donating a car or car parts to the Heartland Cars Charity, contact the charity at 395-8000 for more information.