Developer Comes Up With New Trim-Rite Site Proposals

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A 52-acre plot of land in southwest Winnebago County is only brush and trees now; an empty space one Rockford landowner is pushing as a possible site for Trim-Rite.

"It's targeted towards any industry that would want to locate there that would be classified as general industrial, but because of all the controversy, this could be an ideal plant located in that part of the site," Bob Zaduk said.

The developer handed the proposal to city alderman like Lenny Jacobson Monday night. Jacobson says while more time is needed to look over the location near the Greater Rockford Airport, the time is now for new opportunity in the area.

"We need those jobs, and 200, 300 good paying union jobs, with the bennies. The city needs them. We are going to be aggressive to find a site, this is just one site," Jacobson said.

Noise and odor were main concerns of resident for adding a Trim-Rite plant off Bypass 20 and Montague Road, but the developer's group believes the location on South Bend road nearby other industry is a good mix.

"We feel that if Trim-Rite wants to look at this there are plenty of buffer between the houses and where this plan would be. We feel it is enough to satisfy any individual if they would have any concern," Zaduk said.

And while this proposed land is only its infant stages, Jacobson wants to continue the discussions and bring Trim-Rite back into the fold.

"There are developers throughout the community that are saying, "I have some land," I'd be willing to jump on board and here's just an opportunity, and we are looking at opportunities and hopefully those opportunities will turn into jobs for our people in Rockford," Jacobson said.

The landowner has not approached Trim-Rite leaders as of yet. City leaders are also looking at other potential sites in Winnebago County, in hopes Trim-Rite will reconsider adding a facility to the area.