Funeral Held for Abandoned Baby

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Officials at the Winnebago County coroner's office named her baby Crystal because her little body was found on a crystal clear night this past Friday. She was just days old when she was abandoned out in the cold. Tuesday, dozens of community members and police officers gathered for baby Crystal's funeral services.

While baby Crystal never had a chance at life, her tiny little hand and footprints still managed to touch lives.

"Everything comes from our heart to that little girl. We just appreciate the time we had to come here today," says Brian Leist.

Dozens gathered at Calvary Cemetery for a prayer and burial service. Police officers and coroner's officials were hoping to bring closure to this tragic event. Many were on the scene Friday night when the body was found in a plastic bag along will road.
"We deal with death daily, but this is so difficult because she was an innocent child who never had a chance," says Winnebago County Coroner Sue Fidduccia.

There were parents and grandparents who came to lay flowers and stuffed animals on the tiny casket. Many couldn't help but wonder why.

"There are so many couples today who can't have children and we know of couples who would've adopted this girl. I just don't understand why things like this have to happen," says Patti Leist.

"We're not going to find answers to questions we have, but we can find the love and strength that comes forth out of this terrible tragedy," says Father William Wentik.

Wentik asked that we all take part of Crystal with us, a tiny baby who lived only days, yet brought a community together with care, concern, and love.

Winnebago County police are still searching for Crystal's mother or anyone who may have information on this incident.