Stephenson County Recount?

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If you thought the presidential election was a close one, how about losing a race by three votes? That was the case in the District E race for Stephenson County Board.

Incumbent Bill Hadley, who was just called to serve in Iraq, has a very narrow lead over Democrat Mickey Martin, but the race may not be over yet.

Only three votes separate District E candidate Mickey Martin from a Stephenson County board seat; and while we're starting to get used to not having a clear winner on election night, Martin never expected that would include her.

“I either thought I would win it or he would win it. I thought it would be an obvious victory,” says Martin.

As it stands now, incumbent Bill Hadley is the winner, but Martin will challenge that. Of the four precincts in the race, she can choose one to petition for a recount.

Over the next few days, Martin's team will be canvassing each one looking for a precinct that's say more Democrat than Republican and may still have several absentee votes to count.

"With only three votes at stake it's silly to walk away and not contest the election process," says Stephenson County Democratic Party chair, Tom Jackson.

As for the other side, "I had no idea it would be this close," says Theresa Gibbs, Hadley’s sister.

Candidate Bill Hadley is in Georgia preparing to head to Iraq. He monitored the race with the help of his sister who gave him the results over the phone. She says he's excited to be the winner for now, but "He's probably nervous about it, yes," says Gibbs.

The process is likely to take two or three weeks, but this race serves as another clear reminder that every vote counts.