Methadone Treatment Center Sparks Concern

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The town of Beloit could soon be home to a new methadone treatment center. Methadone is used to treat those with drug addictions, like heroin, but this development is a concern to some community members.

Some business owners around the site are concerned about how a drug rehabilitation center will affect their business. Since the development is still in early stages, many haven't heard too many details yet, but are very curious to learn more.

The site would be at 1517 Huebbe Parkway. CRC Health Group is the company who would operate the facility. CRC says this would likely be a small clinic, about 50 to 100 patients total. The clinic would offer medical treatments with methadone as well as counseling sessions for those with drug abuse problems.

Township administrator Bob Museus says while some may be hesitant to welcome this type of clinic into the community, the board is taking all concerns into account.

The township has submitted a letter of zoning approval to CRC for the site. It's zoned for a medical facility.

The township board plans on holding a public meeting with CRC sometime in January to hear more details about this facility.