Harrison Ave. Project Almost Done

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The past two years haven't been easy for John Reisenbigler and his Amish furniture store along Harrison Avenue. But things are about to change and he says he can't wait. "Monday's a long time coming. We'll be real happy to see a normal traffic flow," Reisenbigler said.
On Monday, these barricades will no longer greet drivers along Harrison Avenue. The major road reconstruction project is wrapping up...But not without leaving its mark on surrounding businesses. In the past year, Reisenbigler's seen an estimated 30 percent drop in sales. "When people aren't coming through the door every day, that's very noticeable and it gets pretty lonely," Reisenbigler said. A few doors down at the Sunrise restaurant, owners say they're also feeling the pain, especially around the dinner time. "Before two years ago, we had very crowded dinners and when the construction started, we had maybe half or a third full," said Shamil Asani, owner of the Sunrise Restaurant. Asani felt it took a long time to get the work done. And during it all, he offered some specials to get cutomers to the table.
"We gave them breaks and coupons to make it worth the pain to get here," Asani said. Well that pain should go away soon as the long awaited light at the end of the tunnel arrives. "We are looking forward for people to visit the area again," Reisenbigler said. "Thank god, thank god for that, I think we can see the lights," Asani said. Despite the financial hit, both businesses owners said that they understood that Harrison Avenue needed fixing.