Final Day

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T’was the day before the election and all through the town, the Democrats and Republicans rally and find no reason to frown.

In just 24 hours we hope to know who will make a victory bow, and after all this campaigning it's just the votes that count now.

On this final day, our local Republican headquarters was quite busy getting out the vote. Volunteers made phone calls, organized rides to the polls and put together souvenirs for the GOP gathering.

For local Democrats it was a night to put the issues behind and just support each other and the party.

Democratic Party Chair Greg Tuite says, “We offer change. We have had some tough time over the past four years seeing as how our economy hasn't been doing so well."

No matter what party affiliation the final message from both sides is this: get out and vote. They’re words that are very exciting for our local election offices.

The Winnebago County Board of Elections Office says, "We've doubled absentee ballots from 2000 but I think it's great that people are getting out there."

And if all goes as planned when the Election Day is done candidates, election offices and volunteers can give a round of applause for a job well done.

The Republicans will be at Giovanni's on Bell School Road in Rockford and the Democrats will be at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Center also on Bell School Road in Rockford. Both parties start to gather at 7 p.m.