Office Depot Raises Money for Murder Victim's Children

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Domestic violence is a silent epidemic that affects every community.

On Sunday, 31-year-old Tasha Jarrett was stabbed to death by her husband. Thirty-four-year-old Leonardo Henderson turned himself in several hours later and now the couple's three children remain parentless, but Office Depot, where Jarrett worked for two-and-a-half years, has set up a trust fund to help the children.

Feelings of despair and heartache blanket Office Depot as Tasha Jarrett's co-workers try to adjust to the tragic reality that their friend will never walk through the doors again.

"She's just the type of person everyone loved, always smiling, never complained," said co-worker Shirley Miracle.

Office Depot has set up the "Tasha Jarrett Benefit Fund" at Amcore Bank, a trust fund to help Jarrett's three young children; 10-year-old Dana, nine-year-old Cleo and three-year-old Jacque. People can make donations at any Amcore Bank or at Office Depot.

“Each of the 157 stores in the region have taken up donations and the donations will be matched by Office Depot's Disaster Relief Fund," said store manager Ken Borzym.

Borzym says Jarrett touched the lives and hearts of so many people. He says people would come to the store just to see her and her smile. A grief counselor will be coming to the store to help console many distressed store associates.

"What's really tragic is that everyone was together Saturday night for another co-worker's wedding, and Erica, who also works here, dropped Tasha off that evening around 11:30," said Borzym.

Their friend has been taken from them, but Office Depot employees retain a strong connection to Tasha Jarrett as they work to raise awareness and donations to help Jarrett's young children.

"Pray for her children and family. We all loved her very much, we're going to miss her deeply," said Miracle.