Killer Cold?

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Bobbi Abate is an Infectious Disease Practitioner and has been observing infectious diseases for years. Tonight, talk of a dangerous virus has caught her attention.

On Thuirsday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention alerted the public about "Adenovirus 14." But Bobbi says the virus is nothing new.

"Adenovirus was first identified in the 1950s," she says. "It's been around for a while."

The CDC describes it as a mutated version of the common cold. It's reportedly killed 10 people and hospitalized at least 53 in the last 18 months.

Health officials say there is simply no reason to panic if you do become ill during this time of year. The Winnebago County Health Department tells us that over 200 thousand Americans are hospitalized due to pnemonia and flu symptoms every year.

No serious cases have been reported since spring, but fears of the killer cold are arriving just as those of the MRSA "superbug" fade away.

However, the tools of prevention are the's all about washing our hands.

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