Last Minute Campaigning for Local Races

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Winnebago County District 13 Republican candidate Tom Hoover was appointed to his job in July, and with his first election in just two days, Hoover isn't leaving any district street behind.

"This is my first campaign. This is all new and interesting to me. It's a great situation where you get out to meet your neighbors," Hoover says.

Alongside Hoover is his wife of 34 years, Luci, helping her husband and the GOP garner support one door at a time.

"It's a team effort I think. A party has to be united and you are united by supporting everyone on that team," says Hoover.

The Hoover’s had company on North Church Street in Charles Laskonis, a volunteer for Hoover's Democratic opponent, Bob Hastings.

"We are working real hard getting in our last minute push here, going door to door. We've been working a lot lately to give the edge to our candidate," Laskonis explains.

Though presidential candidate John Kerry, Laskonis says he's fighting hard for every Democratic candidate at every level.

"Kerry in Illinois is way ahead. You can't take that for granted but again we have those county races without polls. There, you can't take anything for granted," adds Laskonis.

And with the election clock ticking, both sides are screeching to the finish and flooding hundreds of houses throughout Rockford.

"The time's running out. This is the last ditch effort for your campaign, so we're out there pushing this evening," Hoover says.

It’s a voting push that isn't pulling either side to the campaign sidelines.