Proposed Northeast Rockford Subdivision Put on Hold for Now

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Rockford township resident Karen Nelson knows she won't be surrounded by farmland forever.

"When you live next to a cornfield, eventually it will be something someday. We are just interested in smart growth," Nelson said.

The proposed 330 home development is behind Nelson's house near the Boone County line. Board member Chris Johnson says while more time is needed for the board to look over information, the time is now for development.

"We need new homes, new businesses, an airport traffic connection to the Rochelle hubs. It's important that we attract new residents, have a place to live, and of course a new development is popular," Johnson said.

But Nelson says developers haven't thought out the big picture, especially the demands that hundreds of homes would put on water, schools and emergency services.

"This is pretty much a domino effect because there are hundreds of acres of cornfields here and this is but just one parcel that is waited to be punched for development," Nelson said.

Johnson says that the developers have done their homework and that the 140 plus acres are ripe for growth.

“They have to make all the proper adjustments in water, sidewalks and they have done all the requirements that is needed," Johnson said.

The county board would need 21 of 28 votes for the new development proposal to pass. Should the development be approved, it would go to the City Council for a vote on whether the land would be annexed as part of the City of Rockford.