New Thrift Store

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With the ribbon cutting of a new 15,000 square foot thrift store, the rescue mission's hard work continues to blossom.

"We have an image of what a hurting person would be, but it's not that at all, it's what you would look like or what I would look like. It's amazing to see all the families that are being helped everyday," says store manager Andrea Johnson.

Machesney Park Mall has been struggling the past few years with most of its stores closing up shop, but many believe the Mission Mart's arrival could be the start of a new and prosperous future for the mall.

"This mall is turning around with the new owners that took over a few years back. They're working to change things around. I think you'll see this mall really making a comeback," said Illinois State Senator Dave Syverson.

"They do wonderful work, and by them taking up three store fronts, it proves that people are coming to the mall and will continue to come to the mall," said Machesney Park Mayor Linda Vaughn.

Rockford Rescue Mission has helped thousands of our neighbors turn their lives around and local leaders are hoping the store's arrival may be a key ingredient in breathing new life into an ailing mall.