Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween is supposed to be the one night a year when children can have fun dressing up and eating candy, but it can also be frightening if the right safety measures aren't in place.

As kids run house to house this Hallows eve, parents need to keep in mind that Halloween is the deadliest day for pedestrians. According to the Center for Disease Control children are four times more likely to be hit and fatally injured by a car on Halloween.

Winnebago County Police Lt. Bob Springer says, "When parents or adults are with them make sure they're giving them the proper guidance and getting them from house to house and make sure they're obeying the laws dealing with pedestrians at crosswalks and not darting out into traffic."

Besides keeping a watchful eye parents should also be careful when selecting costumes.

“Parents can certainly utilize better techniques when they're buying the costumes reflective and fire retardant costumes” says Springer.

Kids often drag their costumes near lit pumpkins so it's recommended to use flashlights instead of candles. Flashlights should also be used since this year trick-or-treaters will be in the dark an hour earlier.

“We need to remember this year this will be the first night of the time change so it will take some adjusting,” says Springer.

And remember although suspicious candy is rare, always look at the candy first to see if it's been tampered with.

Attorney Gen. Lisa Madigan also suggests checking the Illinois Sex Offenders Website before you go door to door trick-or-treating. The website is www.isp.state.il.us, then click on the registered sex offender icon on the right-hand side. Rockford alone has 438 sexual offenders registered.