Deadbeat Dilemma

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Last month we introduced you to Angela Wigtion. Her ex-husband is nearly $30,000 behind in child support payments for their two daughters. Angela's been back in court two times since the story aired and 23 News reporter Nichole Vrsansky followed along Tuesday as the case went before a judge yet again.

Taking time off work for the second time in a month, Angela Wigtion heads back to court, battling once again for the money owed to her two girls.

"I'm pretty much used to going to court once or twice a month," says Wigtion.

And as Wigtion walks into the courtroom, her ex-husband is no where in sight.

"He has a habit of not showing up when he has to," explains Wigtion.

For the second time in a row he is a no show, so a judge now issues a bench warrant for his arrest, but Angela knows better than to be excited; her attorney says the process is far from over.

"It's a move in the right direction, but it's not at any kind of fast pace. It could be a year or a year and a half before he gets picked up; that wouldn't surprise me because they don't go after these guys," says attorney Donald Ray.

The point, Ray says, is not necessarily that he serves a long jail time but that a judge requires him to post a significant bond amount, money that'll go back to the girls.

"I have no problem with him getting out of jail as long as he can pay a big chunk of what he owes," says Ray.

Ray says Wigtion is likely not even close to the end of this battle, so once again she and her daughters will continue to wait.