Rockford's Mayoral Race

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It was unclear if Rockford’s Republican Party was even going to have any candidates for mayor. Monday was the filling deadline and now two Republican candidates will be running.

Gloria Cardenas Cudia announced her candidacy Monday. With her family by her side, Cudia said it's time to take action.

Cudia told the audience, "I am filing petition papers to become mayor of the City of Rockford." Cudia outlined 10 strategies that if elected she will use to move Rockford forward. She stated, "I'm going to have an open door policy for anyone in the community even if it's only for 15 minutes."

Cudia had stated in the past that she was not interested in leading the city. What changed her mind is all the negativity surrounding the Trim-Rite plant.

Cudia told supporters, "I have taken Trim-Rite personally."

She has also taken a stance on whether or not the city could hit the jackpot with a riverboat casino.

Cudia admitted, "I am against gambling and I will not pursue a casino license for the City of Rockford."

Cudia is an active republican and a key player in helping to bridge minority gaps and to help the Hispanic population excel.

When asked if her background will help her campaign, Cudia said, "My being a minority will bring recognition of the diverse community we live in. It's a big plus, the fact that I speak Spanish. I can reach a different set of voters and talk to them face to face."

Former mayoral candidate Dennis Johnson says Cudia's background and gender are two traits that could work to her advantage.

Johnson said, "The Republican Party is strong. Granted we don't have the numbers in the city, which make it difficult but with her being a woman and a minority this will bring in new voters like the national party is doing."

Cudia is now the sixth candidate in Rockford's mayoral race.

Monday was the filing deadline for GOP and Democratic candidates for Rockford Mayor to get their name on the primary ballot.

Fellow Republican Leonardo Guzzardo joins Gloria Cardenas Cudia on the ballot. Current Democratic Mayor Doug Scott is seeking a second term. He's joined by Democratic candidates Joseph Wilson and Mario Blackman. Independent candidate Larry Morrissey is also running.