Computer Hackers

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It's hard to imagine our world today without computers, and for most people it's hard to imagine that computer hackers may be watching your every move.

"If they have a permanent Internet connection they're an easy target for hackers," says Michael Broski, president of Entre Computer Solutions in Rockford.

A new study by America Online brings the alarming truth to light. Our home computers may be inundated with spyware, viruses and adware left by devious hackers. Millions of us are at risk.

"Microsoft XP has a personal firewall built in and all you have to do is turn it on. You can also purchase hardware firewalls as a precaution, " says Broksi.

Broski says if you're using your PC for online transactions, "Hopefully you're working on a secure sight, but we strongly recommend our home users and businesses especially to get firewalls on their computers so hackers can't get in."

Broski says as technology evolves so do the hackers and the viruses, so we need to make cyber security a priority or we'll be making ourselves vulnerable to dangerous PC pranksters and costly computer infections.