Former CAMCO Employee Lashes Out Against Company

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Quite simply, former CAMCO employee Louan Dallman says her employment at the company was the worst experience of her working life.

"It made me sick every day to go in there. I dreaded it, but I never quit a job. My stomach was just in knots every time I went in there," Dallman said.

On Monday, the FTC shut down the business indefinitely to investigate charges of fraud and illegal collection methods. In March, the company was fined $300,000 for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, charges that Dallman claimed happened every day at CAMCO.

"If you were on a call somewhere else, no one could hear you because of all of the screaming. The threatening to me was abuse, it was just total abuse," Dallman said.

Dallman says during training, what was taught was the exact opposite practice once employees hit the phones.

"When they tell you can't call them at the workplace, you are supposed to cease from doing that. We could call them and call them and call them. I mean to me it was nothing but harassment," Dallman said.

Dallman quit CAMCO after three weeks on the job. She believes after CAMCO's federal fines earlier this year, this could be the final blow for the debt collection company.

"I wouldn't be surprised at this stage like I said, they had their opportunity to clean up their act a little bit, but it doesn't sound like they heeded the warnings," Dallman said.

On Monday, CAMCO will be in court in Chicago. It's expected the FTC will ask a judge to grant a permanent ban on its collection methods.