Harlem Referendum Rally Hosted by Parent

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The Senior George Bush was President the last time voters went to the polls and voted yes for a Harlem School District Referendum.

However, 15 years and four failed referendums later, some district parents are fighting to get the measure passed, and restore future programs in the district.

Harlem parent, Patti Lawrence, hosted a referendum rally Wednesday. The informal meeting laid out the cost specifics of the $0.40 referendum, which would be phased in across five years.

Despite cutting $2.2 million the Harlem school district is expected to be $4 million in the red this June.

Parents who attended said the rally opened their eyes to the referendum's cost.

Harlem parent, LeAnn VanDuyn, said, “I didn’t realize that they do break it up over periods of years, which is nice, so it’s not such a strain on the pocketbook as everyone may think.”