Boy Struck By Car

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Police are still investigating why a six-year-old boy is in critical condition after being struck by a car on west State Street. Preliminary indications suggest that the accident was no fault of the driver but just a tragic mishap by kids playing around.

Police say that six-year-old Divente Thomas was messing around with friends in the cornfields on the 3600 block of west state when he apparently ran into oncoming traffic.

Police say this was purely an accident by kids not realizing where they’re at. Police say that a Honda Civic was driving west near State and Elm when the boy jumped out of the cornfield and was struck. It something they unfortunately say they see too much of.

"Children are just playing and don't realize it having a good time,” said Sgt. Eau Claire, Rockford Police.

And sometimes he says that children aren't used to judging how fast cars travel near this intersection.

"We have had other accidents like this but kids aren't used to cars traveling forty miles an hour," said Eau Clair

Meanwhile neighbors say that they need to look out for one another in order to prevent this.

"We all need to come closer and watch out for each other kids and not just our own," said Clemmons.

Police say that they don't believe that the driver will be charged in this incident. It's just a tragic lesson they say this young boy had to learn when he forgot to look before running across the street.