Baby Bouncy

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One local mom has the solution to ending many sleepless nights; Baby Bouncy. It's an anti-bust ball and support stand that allows parents to gently bounce their child up and down.

Marina Krueger realized she had something when she began using an exercise ball to bounce her now eight-month-old daughter Sydney who fell asleep time and time again.

Kreuger says Baby Bouncy is more convenient and safer for moms and babies than an exercise ball.

"The ball is an anti-burst ball and the difference being if it happens to be punctured it will slowly deflate, so if you're sitting on the ball with your baby you don't have to worry about it popping," she said.

Krueger also says this invention is excellent for taking on trips, and if frequently used, can be great exercise for new mothers.

You can order a Baby Bouncy online at, or call 877-252-BABY.