Another Year of Waiting

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Residents’ patience is wearing thin and they say it is time to take action to begin this long-awaited construction project.

The plans would make this state highway, Illinois 251 or more commonly known as 2nd Street a two-way residential street.

The city has done a feasibility study that would change the state highway to 3rd Street in order to make a better connection to Kishwaukee Street. 3rd Street would also be a two-way. This is a tremendously traveled area and neighbors want construction to start to get their quiet neighborhood back.

Third Ward Alderman Doug Mark says, “If we are serious about moving traffic through downtown we need to move forward on this project.”

Right now, the project is in the hands of IDOT and the State of Illinois. The city has submitted their proposal and requested funds, but the state has to grant that funding.

A neighborhood rally has been organized to generate ideas on ways to put pressure on the decision makers. The rally is set for Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 6 p.m. at St. James’ Parish Hall.