Ninety Jobs for Stateline Workers

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As the unemployment rate across the country continues to climb, the jobs become more and more scarce. A resolution passed by the Belvidere City Council Saturday morning could pave the way for businesses to expand in the region.

Nearly 100 jobs could initially be created under this resolution that would provide businesses a way to pay off expansion and development debt. Green Giant was considering expanding their plant in Belvidere, and the city council says they didn't want them to change their mind. That means jobs for people who right now can't find any.

Saturday morning in a rare weekend meeting, the Belvidere City Council passed a resolution to help businesses like Green Giant offset some of the cost to expand their business. This is a move that could open the door they hope, to greater growth and employment opportunities.

Green Giant has plans to expand their plant in three stages. The first phase said to be underway now, could be complete by January. Green Giant would need about 40 people to work at the plant. A job fair will be held to hire for these positions.