Alderman Race

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But a week and a half ago, Alderman Dick Goral lost his fight with cancer, leaving the 7th district seat vacant. But Alderman Goral's biggest supporter, and biggest admirer, wants to pick up where he left off - his wife angle Goral.

There was an aura that surrounded him, a magnetism that pulled people together. And his passion for change in the 7th district, for a better neighborhood for the children, was shared by his love.

"This has always been my passion to bring families back to the neighborhood," says Angie Goral.

So Monday morning, Angie Goral filed a petition for the 7th ward alderman seat.

"Until April, someone needs to finish Alderman Goral's term. So that will be appointed by the Mayor. And then in April we have to run for the seat, so that's why I filed," says Goral.

Angie says her husband made a difference. He created and presided over one of the city's oldest neighborhood watch groups, Roosevelt United Neighbors, and he helped transform the district. But the work, she says, doesn't stop here.

"The 7th ward has done a 50 percent turn, but we still have a lot of work to be done, eliminate drug houses. We've done a lot but there's a lot more to do," says Goral.

And as she mourns the loss of her husband, Angie has her eyes set on the future, a vision she shared with her husband that she hopes to continue come April.

Democrat George Ann Duckett also filed papers Monday to run for the 7th ward alderman seat.