County Board Candidates Vying for Votes Door to Door

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Nine full days to go; it's campaign crunch time and Winnebago County Board hopefuls aren't wasting any time fighting for every last vote.

"They're really concerned about something and you can help them walking away from the door you feel like you've helped citizens," Winnebago County Board candidate Dave Krienke said.

"One-on-one, finding out what their concerns are and what their problems are, that's the enjoyable part," Winnebago County Board candidate Doug Aurand said.

Aurand, the Democrat incumbent, spent Saturday campaigning with volunteers and taking post at his unofficial headquarters, a storage shed, where he organized signs and finalized details.

"I always liked to do what people call the grunt work. Someone's gotta do it, and I've always enjoyed doing the work. I've been in this for almost 40 years. These are things you have to do to win elections," Aurand said.

Aurand's District Three Republican opponent also stayed busy. Dave Krienke and volunteers spent the afternoon meeting with neighbors and working to earn votes face to face.

"County board, you run a grassroots campaign door-to-door, that's the personal touch, it's been enjoyable to meet new people," Krienke said.

While tackling the issues, both candidates tackle the disappearance of their signs. Each say hundreds on the roadside go by the wayside, a frustration factor that Aurand and Krienke share.

"It's a constant battle, you have to go out every two or three days, replace the stolen signs, put up new ones as the election nears. You'll make the stolen ones reappear," Aurand said.

"It's disappointing people are taking signs, and its a form of freedom of speech and people are taking it away," Krienke said.

And with the election finish line nearing, neither candidate is taking anything away from their efforts, in a campaign where most votes are earned door to door in the community.