Make A Difference Day

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It's National Make A Difference Day, and here in Rockford a group of neighbors are making a huge difference in one elderly woman's life.

Volunteers are cleaning up debris from a roof fire that took place last Saturday in the 1100 block of 16th Street. Firefighters estimate 76-year-old Ruth Lund's two-story home had about $70,000 worth of damage caused by an electrical malfunction in her attic. With no homeowner's insurance or family in the area, Lund's next door neighbor, Mike Baron, quickly came to her aide.

Mike Baron says, "It became really apparent that we'd need to get the community involved to try to get contributions and donations together to help her get her house back."

As the cleanup process begins, Lund has a temporary place to stay while volunteers work to build a permanent roof over her head.

While neighbors and community members have volunteered to clean up and rebuild Lund's home, businesses like ABC Supply Company have also stepped in to help.

Mike Barcellona with ABC Supply Company Tells 23 News, "We're making a donation of the roofing materials to make the necessary repairs for the home. We also decided that we are going to help her with the windows and replace the windows in the home."

Until the donations started coming in, Lund was beside herself on how she was going to afford to repair her home.

Lund says, "I'm very grateful. I never expected all of this. It's so wonderful."

This weekend she's realizing the difference others are making in her life.

If you wish to donate to the cause, you can make a financial donation by visiting any Amcore Bank. You can make contributions under the Ruth Lund House Fire Fund.

Contact Mike Baron at 558-6841 if you would like to contribute building materials or other services.