Local World War II Veterans Reflect on Unveiled Statewide Monument

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On the day that a statewide World War II monument is unveiled in Springfield, some Rockford veterans say it’s time the city unveiled one of its own.

"Yes, I think so. I think a lot of people would help; they deserve it, veterans deserve it," veteran Rebecca Luna said.

Other veterans at VFW Post 5149 see the issue differently. Some feel that a state and national monument in Washington D.C. is enough. Others say such a monument is too far overdue.

"I think they should have one, but it’s kind of late now. I don’t know if that's a priority. I imagine most of those old vets have died," veteran Frank Navarro said.

"There seems to be quite a few moments in Washington, Springfield, so we're pretty well recognized I think," veteran Asa Roberts adds.

Even without World War II veterans being honored specifically, they are still proud of the Loves Park Field of Honor, which recognizes veterans of all ages and all modern wars.

"I think the Field of Honor is an excellent thing. Art Anderson did a terrific job; too bad the city of Rockford didn't do something like that," Navarro said.

But regardless of having a permanent World War II monument or not, local veterans say their camaraderie and service will always be etched in history's stone.

"I think it's real good. I think they left and went and did a good job and came back and they didn't ask for anything, and they're still not asking for anything," Navarro said.