Union Pres. Explains Call for Epperson's Resignation

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The dispute between the Rockford police union and police chief reaches new heights as the union calls for Chief Chet Epperson's resignation at Tuesday night's city council meeting.
The Rockford Policemen's Benevelont and Protective Association 10-member board voted unanimously Tuesday night to ask the city to remove Chief Epperson. Union president Aurelio DeLaRosa says they cannot make progress to overcome differences and improve Rockford with Epperson at the helm. DeLaRosa adds this request to the city is more official and adds more weight to the 276 to 6 vote of no confidence union members previously took in the chief. DeLaRosa says the union will not quit until Epperson is out of his position.
Chief Epperson is out of town. 23 News will bring his reaction as soon as possible. Mayor Morrissey and several aldermen spoke out in his defense at Tuesday night's council meeting. They say crime is lower under Epperson and applaud him for holding officers accountable in multiple internal investigations.

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