Union Pres. Explains Call for Epperson's Resignation

By: Alice Barr
By: Alice Barr

The dispute between the Rockford police union and police chief reaches new heights as the union calls for Chief Chet Epperson's resignation at Tuesday night's city council meeting.
The Rockford Policemen's Benevelont and Protective Association 10-member board voted unanimously Tuesday night to ask the city to remove Chief Epperson. Union president Aurelio DeLaRosa says they cannot make progress to overcome differences and improve Rockford with Epperson at the helm. DeLaRosa adds this request to the city is more official and adds more weight to the 276 to 6 vote of no confidence union members previously took in the chief. DeLaRosa says the union will not quit until Epperson is out of his position.
Chief Epperson is out of town. 23 News will bring his reaction as soon as possible. Mayor Morrissey and several aldermen spoke out in his defense at Tuesday night's council meeting. They say crime is lower under Epperson and applaud him for holding officers accountable in multiple internal investigations.

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  • by Barney Location: Rockford... on Dec 11, 2007 at 07:55 AM
    December 11th...Question...What happened to 276to6part2blog spot...it turned up missing yesterday?????????
  • by James Location: Rockford on Nov 16, 2007 at 09:15 AM
    I have to say that I am sickened about this whole mess with the union and the administration. We are all reading about some very serious crimes being committed by Epperson and his cronies, why is this not being investigated? Why is the media not reporting this to us? I think the public has a right to know the truth! I also read the pdf file posted by one of the other folks on here and I'm a little confused as to what the ruccus is all about. I have been following this story for some time and had read the charges on the rrstar against the two bloggers and as far as I can see, they only exercised their right to free speach. We do still have a constitution, dont we? I don't think they should have been posting on work hours but people do get breaks and lunches. Even cops! I don't know what Epperson and Morrissey are thinking by publishing officers blogs and female cops medical problems but I dont want to hear about any of that. Something is wrong downtown and it all started with this admin!
  • by unmanager Location: Rockford on Nov 16, 2007 at 02:37 AM
    http://www.rrstar.com/homepage/x799509007 And here's why I,(not a cop)support the PBPA in their struggle with the city..." Nowhere in the contract or in the department’s personnel regulations does the city set forth a maximum amount of allowable sick time. “We just don’t have a hard rule,” said city Legal Director Patrick Hayes."....So this bunch of arrogant lawyers feel the contract THEY are LEGALLY BOUND to honor, is not a hard rule....THEY choose the parts they want to enforce and what to ignore.....
  • by Mikki Location: Rkfd on Nov 15, 2007 at 07:55 PM
    http://data.e-rockford.com/upload/files/1/JasonBailey.pdf Also here is the link to the actual 'charges' against Officer Bailey going to the Police and Fire Commision. Which do NOT include looking at porn at work BY THE WAY. If you have newer ones-please post them.
  • by Mikki Location: Rkfd on Nov 15, 2007 at 07:43 PM
    To the poster who said 'this was all started by the officer who looked at porn'- No Maam- this was started by Epperson who allowed 2 of his officers to 'shred evidence' because someone picked the wrong person out of a line up. Since it didn't seem to work for Epperson position, he let those officers "off" with some days off not their JOBS even though what they did was tampering with evidence (which by the way is ILLEGAL. When Epperson was criticized by his own officer (Bailey), he threw out his big guns and decided the officer who wrote some mean stuff about him should be fired, but that the officers that actually broke the LAW should stay. Oh yea- that sounds like equal and fair treatment?????? Wake up people
  • by Dorothy Location: Rockford on Nov 15, 2007 at 11:30 AM
    Before any of you decide that the RPD is corrupt and that Epperson is there to clean it up, you might want to think about this: Epperson told a detective and a sergeant to work outside of the constitution to get a fifth guy into his HUG A THUG program. He promised to protect them if they got caught! They did get caught and he covered his butt as well as theirs! We now have three men on the RPD who are guilty of commiting a very serious felony! One being the chief who some of you seem to think is a saint! I assure you, he is far from sainthood! The officers of the RPD DO NOT and WILL NOT stand for corruption in their department. That is why they are demanding Chester's resignation! He is a liar, a fraud, a racist and a thief! He is unstable and most of all he is a criminal! For more reasons that you could possibly know...Epperson has to go! Believe what you will but even if only half of what your reading is true: that should be enough to make anyone question such poor leadership!
  • by Dixie Location: Rockford on Nov 15, 2007 at 06:37 AM
    This is in response to Marie...the one that posted between "Sue" and "Taxpayer". I do believe you have been watching way too much TV these days, Marie. To accuse the officers of this city of being "corrupt" is absurd. I would like to know if you could lay out ONE FACT that shows the Officers of this city are in fact corrupt, as you call it. I am talking fact here, not a rumor put in place by a bunch of "Maries" playing the 3rd grade telephone game. But, since you bring it up, were you listening to WNTA on Monday morning? A caller brought up the FACT that 2 civilians were put into a job in the evidence room that resulted in an investigation into missing items from that location. Talk about food for thought...maybe you shouldn't sling that C-word around so fast, it may boomerang back where you least expect it.
  • by Carol Location: 61103 on Nov 14, 2007 at 09:19 PM
    To all of you that support Epperson,maybe he is a personal friend of yours?Otherwise,have you ever met him?Had a conversation with him?Been in a life and death situation where he gave his take on it?Have you worked with, or for him?If you answered no to the last four question I suggest you try walking in the 276 officers shoes and some of the people like myself that have had the unpleasent opportunity of meeting with him on a very tragic issue.He has to be one of the most uncaring people I have ever met.The police officers and the citizens of Rockford definitely deserve better,and have a right to expect it.Epperson should step out and take his puppet master with him.
  • by Marie Location: Rockford on Nov 14, 2007 at 07:16 PM
    First of all, the "lady with the sign" is an Epperson groupie. You are right; she spends the entire time at City Council positioning herself to be on camera with her "Batman & Robin" (aka Epperson & Booker) sign. She is nothing more than rude...much like the man she so admires. Please, educate yourself about the facts. Do you really believe the Rockford police force should quietly follow a vindictive and morally corrupt man simply because he is the boss? There are reasons for "no confidence" votes. There are reasons why Epperson is the only Rockford Chief of Police to receive one. Talk to police officers, the families and their friends to hear the real reasons behind this dispute. Remember, this is a great country because we do have the right to protest against tyranny. Our Rockford police officers bravely unite in protest despite rebukes and snide comments from Mayor Morrissey and despite threats from their maniac of a Chief.
  • by Dixie Location: Rockford on Nov 14, 2007 at 03:10 PM
    In response to all the supporters of Epperson in Rockford. (see comment below) I had to read your comment over a couple times, because I couldn’t believe we were watching the same City Council meeting! When, for one second, did you see someone trying to disrupt the meeting? The officers that attended and spoke during their prearranged time were nothing less than professional and respectful. Now, as far as the woman with the sign, she was ridiculous. May I add…SHE WAS AN EPPERSON-MORRISEY supporter. So please, take a moment to shift the blame for her conduct onto both of THEM as quickly as you did to those officers. If your confusion towards what side she was on is any reflection of the level of understanding you have of the issues at hand - please educate yourself on what is really at stake here.
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