Union Wants Chief Out

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A union spokeman told the council Tuesday night that the only resolution to this conflict at this point is to have Chief Chet Epperson resign. Jeff Stovall, an officer with the Rockford Police Department, made the request behind a backdrop of rank and file wearing T-shirts bearing the previous 276 to 6 vote of no-confidence in Epperson. He says the union has tried to resolve issues, like discpline and officer safety...but to no avail. He says the union has lost trust and loyalty in Epperson, and feels any future progress will come without Epperson in the picture. It's a move some alderman feel is a bit extreme. "It is only through that the citizens of Rockford and members of the police department and families impacted by this lengthy debate can we begin to put into place programs that will facilitate the healing process," Stovall said. "I think it's kind of out a little desperation. They just thought come here and throw it into the mix and see what happens," said Alderwoman Nancy Johnson. Alderman debated tonight whether or not they should get involved in this conflict. They ultimately decided to organize a meeting with both sides by end of the month, and see if they can help out. Epperson was out of town at a conference Tuesday.