Police Undercover Bust Nabs Prostitution and Drug Deals

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From 9 p.m. Thursday to 3 a.m. Friday, Rockford police went undercover near the intersection of Broadway and 7th Street, historically one of Rockford's most crime-filled areas.

Prostitution stings are common in this area, as seen in the video from a bust in the Mid-Town district in August 2002; male officers posed as clients; female officers, as prostitutes.

The sting busted 10 women that propositioned the undercover male, while the female officer caught four potential customers. Police also busted prostitutes in the act and others dealing cocaine.

Local business owners wouldn't go on camera in fear of retaliation. Some say the prostitution sweeps are making progress in cleaning up mid-town. Others felt the busts only spread the trouble.

Rockford police involved in the sting weren't available for comment. The department's chief of detectives says the 19 people caught are typical for such a prostitution bust in Rockford.