Intersection Improvements

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It's the culmination of a project that started 10-15 years ago with the expansion of the interchange at I-90 and this is an improvement to a road to help attract industry to Roscoe Township and Winnebago County," said Roscoe Township Supervisor Tom Hawes.
Community leaders believe the new and improved $3-million intersection project will be the driving force, the acceleration the Roscoe area needs for increased development.

"This is exactly what we hoped for in our Winnebago County partnership. If we provide the infrastructure, the businesses, and then the jobs will come. That's what's happening behind me with construction-long term jobs is exactly what we need," said Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen.

Construction is already underway on a Love's Truckstop, slated to open in December and expected to bring about 25-30 full and part-time jobs.

"In a high growth area with a lot of population coming, we dramatically need to balance our tax structure and bring industry into the area so that our school systems benefit, and our citizens who are paying the bills right now," said Haws

The next phase of the project includes the expansion of Willow Brook Road three lanes all the way to Route 75 in South Beloit. Community leaders hope the creation of the infrastructure will help compete with the Gateway project in Wisconsin."

Community leaders are hoping the widening of the road will stimulate a widening interest in the area that will stretch for miles.