Vision 100 Comes Into Focus With Belvidere High School Recommendation

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Students start their days at different times, going from class to class in crowded hallways. It's the reality for the rapidly growing Belvidere High School.

After voters voted no in March to build or renovate four schools, the focus shifted to finding a high school solution with Vision 100.

The Vision 100 group gathered input with parents and the Belvidere community since October.

To combat overcrowding, the group whittled down seven options into one final choice, building a second, 2,000 student high school.

The $57.5 million school is expected to be on an April referendum ballot.

Though a new school would give the Bucs an in-town rival, Vision 100 leaders promise both schools would have equal opportunity.

"It’s important that the new school would be equitable in its technology, resources, and educational opportunity, and that the operational funding for that high school is fully carried out," Vision 100 co-chair Renita Roden says.

Alongside the 5$7 million price tag, a separate referendum question would also fund the school's $3 million operating costs.

If the referendum is passed, the school could open in 2007.