Council Of 100 Has New Name, New Vision

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The goal is simple; 5,000 new jobs by 2007. It's the mission for partners of the Rockford Area Economic Development Council, which is primed to reverse the recent job downturn in the stateline.

Six hundred people attended Wednesday’s annual meeting at Cliffbreaker's, with the keynote address from new president Bob Levin. Levin outlined his ideas to reverse the Rockford area's three consecutive years of job loss. He pushed for better teamwork between companies to make our local market more globally competitive.

On the horizon, Levin highlighted the potential for the jobs and development along the I-39 corridor, where UPS and the Greater Rockford Airport have expanded service in recent months.

Leaders say the 5,000 job gains in the next three years are an attainable goal.

"All goals need to be stretch goals because that makes you think outside the box. Marvelous things can happen to you, so I'm pleased we picked a stretch number and we are going to do the best to make it happen," Janyce Fadden said.