Meth Labs

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The Ogle County town of Oregon started attacking the problem head-on last year, and now a new federal law well help the fight.

Back on September 1 of 2003, the city of Oregon began enforcing a new ordinance. Every pharmacy in town had to place all medications containing 60 or more milligrams of Ephedrine behind the counter.

Ephedrine is one of the main ingredients used to make the drug. Even though the city has had few meth lab busts, authorities say they wanted to be proactive and take every precaution possible to keep meth makers and users out of the community.

Starting January 1, a new federal law will echo Oregon's law. Not only will stores be forced to keep specific medications behind the counter, but only two boxes can be purchased at once.

Officials say there are several meth lab indicators we should look out for. If you an unusually large number of chemical cans laying outside someone's home, detect a strong chemical small in the area, or notice bottles and jars with rubber tubing attached, you should immediately contact your local police department.