Candidate Forum

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Both Republicans and Democrats had a few minutes to get their message across.

Tuesday night's meet and greet was a chance for each candidate to tell us about themselves and the issues they stand for. There weren't too many attacks and there wasn't a large crowd of voters looking for more information.

Most in the audience were either a Democrat or Republican running for an office like chairman, circuit clerk, recorder or a county board seat. The candidates were asked to give a brief background about themselves and told their stance on issues like urban sprawl, leaf burning, and the new jail.

For the Winnebago County chair candidates their debate centered on a road improvement plan that temporary chair Scott Christiansen has created.

Republican candidate Scott Christiansen said, "The majority of the plan is repairing or improving existing roads. Hopefully we can get business back into the downtown area."

Democratic candidate Paul Gorski said, "Roads don't bring jobs. No business has left here because of the roads. Some roads will bring in new businesses, but how many Panera locations do we need? You can't raise a family working at one of the store."

This meet and greet was all put on by the League of Women Voters and Rockford Urban Ministries.