Clearing Out Drug Houses

Illegal Drugs
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Through a combined effort from police and the community Rockford's drug traffic is slowing down. Members of the Council of Neighborhood Organization went door to door and gathered about 1,000 survey's pinpointing when and where drug activity was taking place.

Rockford police say this is all information that they might not have known.
In a matter of thirty days Rockford police used the community to point out drug houses.

Police then made attempts to buy drugs and talk to neighbors and landlords. In thirty days they were able to recover drugs, weapons, and even make some arrests.

Twenty-three drug houses are now closed.

Avon Street is just one area where drug houses were. Rockford Police Chief Jeff Nielson says crime goes on in almost every quadrant of Rockford.

There are still two houses that Rockford police plan to continue to watch and possibly make more arrests. Chief Nielson says you should be able to spot a drug house by the excessive traffic and the constant turnover of people coming in and out.